Chikatana is a playful cantina with menus that reflect both the vibrancy of Mexico's cuisine and the Midwestern seasonal harvest. We have sought to curate an atmosphere that acts as an extension of the guest's dining table at home and invites them to take a journey through Mexico—paying homage to culinary traditions of specific regions while providing a modern, Oaxacan-inspired perspective. The significance behind the concept's name comes from a flying ant, 'Chicatana,' that is native to Mexico.

The celebrated insect tells a story of springtime migration during the rainy season, symbolic of progress despite otherwise rough conditions. Our goal is to embody the resilient Chicatana spirit, flowing with the seasons and the landscape of Chicago's hospitality industry. 

Chikatana took flight in Fulton Market District in June of '21.

Chef: Guillermo Reyes
General Manager: Laine Peterson